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Coming 2023

Book 2 of
The Star Stitch Chronicles

Lost Between The Stars

Clean Romance

Hidden In The Stars

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Author Bio

Hazel Vale is the winter-loving Canadian author of Hidden In The Stars. Her love of all things sci-fi and romance inspired her to weave warmth and humour into the chill of space travel. 

Hazel lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband and two children.

Hazel Vale Books
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Hidden In The Stars

     Stay ugly, stay hidden, stay alive.

     On a ship the size of the Obsidian it’s easy to blend in, and Wynter is good at hiding—or so she thought. One wrong step brings her close to the Captain, and she finds herself stitching up more than just dresses. 


     Through the darkness of space, the Obsidian carries the wealthy and their cargo. Surrounded by luxury and secrets, life is never dull, but a dangerous prank leaves Captain Ward questioning more than just his command.


     In a universe where fate is inherited, societal power and secrets become currency. 


     As truth unravels their lives, will Wynter and Ward be able to find freedom together, or will they forever be hidden in the stars?

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Lost Between The Stars

Coming 2023!!



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